What we do

Analyze and Advance

We analyze data and information using a broad spectrum of methodologies and innovative approaches. Outputs serve to advance safety science and knowledge to improve the safety and well-being of transportation system users.

Survey and Measure

We prepare and perform scientific surveys and observe human actions as road users to understand the attitudes and behaviors that influence traffic safety.

Educate and Inform

We use insights gained from data analysis, surveys, and observational studies to prepare training programs and educational products material for safety professionals to help improve traffic safety.

Evaluate and Assess

We design and conduct evaluations using traditional statistical approaches and innovative methodologies to assess current practice and suggest transportation safety improvements.

Activate and Encourage

We serve to activate and encourage members of our society through various initiatives and resources to help improve transportation safety for you and your loved ones.

Organizational Areas

Youth Transportation Safety

Traffic Crash Analytics

Alcohol and Drug Impacts

Human Factors and Human Performance

Traffic Safety Attitudes and Behaviors