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Youth Transportation Safety

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Youth Transportation Safety


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The Youth Transportation Safety (YTS) area seeks to save lives and prevent injury among youth through education, empowerment, and peer-led outreach. Our vision is to ensure that America’s youth live long and healthy lives through safe practices on our transportation system. 

Our Projects

  • Keeping Teens Safe Around Large Commercial Motor Vehicles

    Project Overview: Traffic safety professionals agree that the problems young drivers face on our roadways are too great to rely on any single countermeasure to achieve significant crash frequency and…

  • Teens in the Driver Seat

    Teens in the driver seat logo visit

    Teens in the Driver Seat is aimed at helping high school drivers form lifelong, safe driving habits while still gaining experience with the basics of being behind the wheel.  For…

  • Teens in the Driver Seat Junior High

    Teens in the Driver Seat Junior High targets middle school students just beginning to learn driving behaviors from their older siblings and parents to become safety advocates as passengers.

  • Texas High School Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Education

    Project Overview: Texas ranks among the top three states with the highest pedestrian fatality rates, according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in 2019. In 2021,…

  • U in the Driver Seat

    U in the Driver Seat helps college-aged drivers learn to balance living on their own with managing life’s distractions.


The Center for Transportation Safety (CTS) has some of the most passionate people in the field dedicated to saving lives on our roads.

Motivated by improving public safety, there is a lot we still don’t know, but are determined to discover.

These passionate people wish to share ways that positively influence young road users through effective outreach in hopes of saving young lives on our transportation system.

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