The following is a list of Center for Transportation Safety staff. Select a name to view a staff member’s area of expertise, biography, and contact information.

Michael Manser
Michael Manser

Michael Manser, Ph.D.
Center for Transportation Safety
Texas A&M Transportation Institute
505 E Huntland Drive, Suite 455
Austin, TX 78752
(512) 407-1172
[email protected]

Behavioral Research

NameE-mailPhoneJob Title
Rod Cavness(979) 317-2523 x72523Research Specialist I
Jana Cavness(979) 317-2548 x72548Research Associate
Neal Johnson(512) 407-1126 x71126Associate Transportation Researcher
Andrew Little Student Worker
Merrick Lloyd(979) 317-2546 x72546Research Associate
Alicia Nelson(979) 317-2535 x42535Research Specialist II
Marcos Solis Student Worker
Nicole Sweet Research Assistant
Morgan Thielepape Administrative Associate I
Katherine Thom(979) 317-2535 x42535TTI Engineering Technician
Katie Womack(979) 317-2532 x72532TTI Senior Research Scientist

Center for Alcohol & Drug Education

NameE-mailPhoneJob Title
Christine Adams(979) 317-2547 x72547TTI Assistant Research Scientist
Courtney Hrncir(979) 317-2534 x72534Research Specialist I
Crystal O'Rear(979) 317-2539 x72539Research Specialist I
Cinthya Roberto(979) 317-2504 x72504TTI Assistant Research Scientist
Emmaline Shields(979) 317-2534 x42534Associate Transportation Researcher
Cody Stewart(979) 317-2506 x72506Associate Transportation Researcher
Troy Walden(979) 317-2526 x72526TTI Senior Research Scientist

Center for Transportation Safety

NameE-mailPhoneJob Title
David Baird(979) 317-2500 x42500TTI Research Scientist
Christie Havemann(979) 317-2513 x72513Senior Administrative Coordinator II
Michael Manser(512) 407-1172 x71172TTI Senior Research Scientist
Robert Wunderlich(979) 317-2541 x72541TTI Senior Research Engineer

Crash Analytics

NameE-mailPhoneJob Title
Mohammad Anis(979) 317-2885 x72885Graduate Assistant - Research
Anthony Eason(979) 317-2886 x72886Graphics Specialist
Srinivas Geedipally(817) 462-0519 x20519TTI Research Engineer
Chad Goertz(979) 317-2533 x72533Student Research Assistant
Sebastian Kawar Graphics Specialist
Myunghoon Ko(979) 317-2517 x72517TTI Research Engineer
Micah Leonard Associate Transportation Researcher
Emily Martin(979) 317-2542 x72542TTI Assistant Research Scientist
Kanchan Pandey(979) 317-2892 x72892Research Assistant
Ashesh Pant(979) 317-2529 x72529Lead Data Analyst
Marcie Perez(979) 317-2893 x72893TTI Associate Research Scientist
Dennis Perkinson(979) 317-2246 x72246Research Scientist
Mahin Ramezani(979) 317-2894 x72894Research Data Scientist
Nishita Sinha TTI Assistant Research Scientist
Shubhangi Vasudeo(979) 317-2895 x72895Research Assistant
Lingtao Wu(979) 317-2530 x72530TTI Associate Research Engineer

Human Factors

NameE-mailPhoneJob Title
Cathy Brooks(512) 407-1138 x71138Project Specialist II
Russell Henk(210) 321-1205 x11205TTI Senior Research Engineer
Laura Higgins(979) 317-2544 x72544TTI Associate Research Scientist
Kim Sailor(979) 317-2881 x72881Project Specialist II
Melissa Walden(979) 317-2884 x72884TTI Senior Research Scientist

Youth Transportation Safety

NameE-mailPhoneJob Title
Brandy Allen-Jackson(210) 979-9411 x99411Program Specialist II
Catherine Badillo(979) 862-2114 x22114Non-Affiliated Student Technician I
Cesar Caballero de Luna(210) 979-9411 x99411Program Specialist II
Andrea Chacon(210) 321-1220 x11220Program Specialist I
Matthew Duong Student Technician
Daniel Espinoza Program Coordinator I P9
Karla Garcia(210) 321-1241 x11241Non-Affiliated Student Assistant
Osvaldo Garcia Non-Affiliated Student Assistant
Suzanne Groves(210) 979-9411 x99411Program Specialist II
Anna Hernandez(210) 321-1260 x11260Administrative Coordinator I
Gabriella Kolodzy(512) 407-1139 x71139Associate Transportation Researcher
Axel Lemus Non-Affiliated Student Assistant
Rubiana L. Mares(210) 321-1211 x11211Program Specialist III
Lisa Minjares-Kyle(210) 321-1214 x11214TTI Associate Research Scientist
Pamela Morrison(210) 989-9411 x99411Program Specialist I
Talia Pim(210) 321-1206 x11206Data Analyst
Therese Standard Program Specialist III
Christy Thomas(817) 462-0512 x20512Program Leader III
Stacey Tisdale(210) 321-1232 x11232Project Manager II
Brittany Uribe(210) 979-9411 x99411Student Worker
Christine Yager(979) 314-9571 x49571Project Specialist II