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Job Opportunities

In keeping with the Center for Transportation Safety’s (CTS’s) multidisciplinary approach to transportation safety, we seek to hire the brightest in our field from a variety of disciplines. The Center for Transportation Safety, and TTI as a whole, have high job satisfaction and excellent retention rates. Select Job Opportunities below to see where you can join our organization.

Invitation to Partner

TTI’s Center for Transportation Safety has cooperative partnerships with federal and state government, private, and public sector sponsors to inform and conduct research, education, and outreach programs within transportation safety. We invite you to explore ways in which we can work together to improve transportation safety.


  • Center for Transportation Safety

  • Crash Analytics

  • Center for Alcohol and Drug Education

  • Youth Transportation Safety

  • Human Factors

  • Behavioral Research

NameE-mailPhoneJob Title
Christie Havemann(979) 317-2513 x72513Senior Administrative Coordinator II
Michael Manser(512) 407-1172 x71172TTI Senior Research Scientist
Robert Wunderlich(979) 317-2541 x72541TTI Senior Research Engineer
NameE-mailPhoneJob Title
Mohammad Anis(979) 317-2885 x72885Engineering Graduate Student Worker
Geetesh Challur Graduate Student Worker-Biweekly
Anthony Eason(979) 317-2886 x72886Graphics Specialist
Srinivas Geedipally(817) 462-0519 x20519TTI Research Engineer
Kerrigan Gibbs Graphics Specialist
Sebastian Kawar Graphics Specialist
Myunghoon Ko(979) 317-2517 x72517TTI Research Engineer
Alireza Mahdaviarab(979) 317-2888 x72888Student Worker
Ashesh Pant(979) 317-2529 x72529Lead Data Analyst
Marcie Perez(979) 317-2893 x72893TTI Associate Research Scientist
Mahin Ramezani(979) 317-2894 x72894Research Data Scientist
Eva Shipp(979) 317-2508 x72508TTI Senior Research Scientist
Jonas Simpson Graphics Specialist
Nishita Sinha(979) 317-2516 x72516TTI Assistant Research Scientist
Lingtao Wu(979) 317-2530 x72530TTI Associate Research Engineer
NameE-mailPhoneJob Title
Christine Adams(979) 317-2547 x72547TTI Assistant Research Scientist
Courtney Hrncir(979) 317-2534 x72534Research Specialist I
Crystal O'Rear(979) 317-2539 x72539Research Specialist I
Cinthya Roberto(979) 317-2504 x72504TTI Assistant Research Scientist
Emmaline Shields(979) 317-2534 x42534Associate Transportation Researcher
Cody Stewart(979) 317-2506 x72506Associate Transportation Researcher
Troy Walden(979) 317-2526 x72526TTI Senior Research Scientist
NameE-mailPhoneJob Title
Brandy Allen-Jackson(210) 979-9411 x99411Program Specialist II
Jesus Avilez III Non-Affiliated Student Assistant
Cesar Caballero de Luna(210) 979-9411 x99411Program Specialist II
Andrea Chacon(210) 321-1220 x11220Program Specialist II
Matthew Duong Student Technician
Daniel Espinoza(210) 321-1218 x11218Program Coordinator I P9
Karla Garcia(210) 321-1241 x11241Non-Affiliated Student Assistant
Osvaldo Garcia Non-Affiliated Student Assistant
Suzanne Groves(210) 979-9411 x99411Program Specialist II
Anna Hernandez(210) 321-1260 x11260Administrative Coordinator I
Gabriella Kolodzy(512) 407-1139 x71139Associate Transportation Researcher
Rubiana L. Mares(210) 321-1211 x11211Program Specialist III
Lisa Minjares-Kyle(210) 321-1214 x11214TTI Associate Research Scientist
Talia Pim(210) 321-1206 x11206Data Analyst
Toby Pim Non-Affiliated Student Assistant
Therese Standard Program Specialist III
Christy Thomas(817) 462-0512 x20512Program Leader III
Stacey Tisdale(210) 321-1232 x11232Project Manager II
Christine Yager(979) 314-9571 x49571Project Specialist II
NameE-mailPhoneJob Title
Cathy Brooks(512) 407-1138 x71138Project Specialist III
Chad Goertz(979) 317-2533 x72533Student Research Assistant
Laura Higgins(979) 317-2544 x72544TTI Associate Research Scientist
Micah Leonard(210) 705-3365 x53365Associate Transportation Researcher
Emily Martin(979) 317-2542 x72542TTI Assistant Research Scientist
Dennis Perkinson(979) 317-2246 x72246Research Scientist
Kim Sailor(979) 317-2881 x72881Project Specialist II
Melissa Walden(979) 317-2884 x72884TTI Senior Research Scientist
NameE-mailPhoneJob Title
Rod Cavness(979) 317-2523 x72523Research Specialist I
Jana Cavness(979) 317-2548 x72548Research Associate
Neal Johnson(512) 407-1126 x71126TTI Assistant Research Scientist
Andrew Little(979) 317-2849 x72849Administrative Associate I
Jack Morrison Student Intern
Alicia Nelson(979) 317-2535 x42535Research Specialist II
Marcos Solis Student Worker
Nicole Sweet(979) 317-2851 x72851Research Assistant
Morgan Thielepape(979) 317-2852 x72852Administrative Associate I
Katherine Thom(979) 317-2535 x42535TTI Engineering Technician
Katie Womack(979) 317-2532 x72532TTI Senior Research Scientist


The Center for Transportation Safety (CTS) has some of the most passionate people in the field dedicated to saving lives on our roads.

Motivated by public safety, there is a lot we still don’t know but are determined to discover.

These passionate people wish to share their expertise and suggestions for improvement as safety challenges and innovative solutions arise.

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