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Traffic Safety Attitudes and Behaviors

Traffic Safety Attitudes and Behaviors


Using social science research methods, the Traffic Safety Attitudes and Behaviors area seeks to advance the expert and public understanding of social and behavioral issues important to transportation. The program addresses a wide range of safety issues that contribute significantly to the unacceptably high death and injury rates on our roadways, including misuse( and the lack of use) of safety belts and child safety seats. 

Our Projects

  • 2022 Occupant Protection Survey Results

    The survey is intended to help observe and track seat belt usage across the state of Texas.  Download the Occupant Protection Survey Results: 2022 Results (PDF | PowerPoint) | 2021 Results…

  • Texas Child Passenger Safety Conference

    The statewide conference is devoted to bringing CPS technicians together to learn, grow and network with others in the profession. The event is sponsored by the Texas Department of Transportation…

  • Texas Statewide Traffic Safety Awareness Survey: 2020 Results

    Motorist buckling their seat belt.

    This yearly survey was conducted from 2010 through 2019 to track and understand driver attitudes and awareness of traffic safety programs in Texas. 

  • Texas Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) for 2022-2027

    Project Overview:   The mission of the Texas Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) is to reduce fatalities and serious injuries on state and local roadways. The SHSP is intended to be…

  • Understanding Dallas District Pedestrian Safety Issues

    This project investigated pedestrian crashes in the Dallas District from 2008 through 2017 to help provide a deeper understanding of the circumstances and factors leading to pedestrian crashes. 

  • Walk. Bike. Safe. Texas

    One out of every five fatalities on Texas roadways are a pedestrian or bicyclist. In Fact, Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) crash data shows that in 2021 over 900 pedestrians…


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