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Traffic Crash Analytics

The scene of a traffic crash at night with a firetruck and ambulance present.

Traffic Crash Analytics


The Traffic Crash Analytics area aims to produce objective information that leads to a reduction of traffic crashes and their associated injuries and fatalities. Our researchers accumulate, synthesize, and conflate roadway data from a variety of sources, including state crash records, in-vehicle monitoring system data, connected vehicle data, and other secondary data to create robust models and statistical analysis. The team specializes in linking crash data with important contextual information (such as weather data, roadway characteristics, citations, and driver behaviors) and outcome data (such as EMS and hospital records for those involved in crashes) to better understand crash circumstances and outcomes. The Crash Analytics team translates research into usable maps, screening and systemic tools, and educational materials for drivers, engineers, fleet operators, law enforcement officers, and other stakeholders to make safety-driven decisions.

Our Projects


The Center for Transportation Safety (CTS) has some of the most passionate people in the field dedicated to saving lives on our roads.

Motivated by improving public safety, there is a lot we still don’t know but are determined to discover.

These passionate people wish to share ways that crash data can inform outreach, education, and other safety systems in hopes of implementing new, effective safety solutions.

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