List of Safety Tools

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This page includes a list of safety analytical tools designed to help the user identify roadway locations with the best opportunities to improve safety performance and to evaluate design alternatives for their impact on safety.

Evaluation and Design Tools

The Evaluation and Design tools provide a straightforward way to compare the safety performance of different roadway and intersection configurations.

Screening Tools

Screening tools compare safety performance to benchmarks established for different types of roadways to identify the locations with excess crashes.

Systemic Tools

The Systemic tools identify locations for safety improvements based on roadway characteristics associated with different types of crashes.

Pedestrian Tools

The Pedestrian Tools provide methods to estimate pedestrian volumes, assess pedestrian safety performance at intersection and mid-block locations, and data from pedestrian safety studies. 

Other Tools

Other tools include a link to a statewide fatality prediction model, intersection safety performance assessment, TxDOT’s TxSTORM model to identify jurisdictions with over-representations of crashes and maps with risk maps for commercial vehicles.

*Note that this page will be updated periodically. Updated on March 2, 2024.
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