Improving Pedestrian Safety Near Bus Stops

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Pedestrian crashes occur often on transit corridors, and a significant number of pedestrian crashes on these corridors involve transit system riders. Two of the main contributing factors for pedestrian crashes near bus stops are (1) lack of awareness of the risks of crossing at unmarked crossings; and (2) unfamiliarity with state laws regarding pedestrian crossings. The goal of this project is to address these high-risk crossings and corridors and develop educational outreach materials. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. A map/list of “high-risk” bus stops and corridors.
  2. Outreach Safety Materials

Our Approach:

This study involves educating bus riders, bus drivers, and motorists about right-of-way laws to improve pedestrian safety near bus stops. The project team focused on producing materials that target both pedestrians and riders. The team developed a way of briefly displaying right-of-way rules governing pedestrians. Once the team identified the key safety messages to include in the outreach materials, they developed overarching imagery and a tagline, “Walk Smart. Walk Safe.” Outreach materials were intended to be eye-catching, simple, and easy to comprehend.


Riders were generally receptive to receiving the information provided. As the distribution was being carried out, the team observed several types of interactions with the outreach materials. Some read it front and back and reached out hoping to understand our purpose for handing out the material.  

Projects such as this one can help improve pedestrian safety — particularly in urban areas — which is a critical component to achieving “vision zero” goals. 

To view our Driver and Pedestrian Safety animations, visit our YouTube Playlist. 

For more information on this project, please contact: 

Srinivas Geedipally 
TTI Research Engineer 
(817) 462-0519 
[email protected]  

Project Title: Improving Pedestrian Safety Near Bus Stops
Project Start and End Dates: October 1, 2019 – PRESENT
Author List: Srinivas Geedipally, Neal Johnson, Eva Shipp, Katie Womach, Dennis Perkinson, and Micah Leonard
Sponsor/Funding Source: Texas Department of Transportation