New Safety Component Added to Motorcycle Safety Website, a Texas Department of Transportation funded, motorcycle safety website recently added a new section to their site. The Routes section is an interactive map of Texas, and shows where motorcycle crashes have occurred along popular riding routes. While there are many online resources that also plot popular riding routes, few – if any of them – include a safety component.

By selecting one of these routes, you can learn more information about the route, including where motorcycle crashes have occurred, factors that contributed to these crashes, and riding and safety tips. By creating a user account, users can suggest routes, add route ratings, and share photos and videos.

After visiting the new map section, please consider taking a short 10-minute survey about your experience. To take the survey, click here: Eligible participants must be 18 years old and fluent in English. There will be at least 20 motorcycle riders and enthusiasts who participate in this study.

For more information or questions, please contact Paige Ericson-Graber at [email protected].